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Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
KC has been having trouble getting ownership group together

Paying a high expansion fee wont help matters ,, They will get a relocated team if they ever get a team

Honestly the NHL should sell the Yotes at discount to KC buyers (That will entice them to put together group getting NHL team for cheap in that wonderful arena)

Then charge Seattle and QC absolutly absurd amounts of expansion fees

Still wish the NHL would rebuild relationship with Les Alexander and get team in Houston but Alexander gave up on NHL team after the Oilers deal fell thru and he got denied last round of expansion

Ideal world for NHL expansion to Hou/Sea and Yotes move to KC

Would even out East/West
Quite honestly, I'm actually not even in favor of expansion. There are only so many markets in North America that are able to support an NHL franchise. Relocation is much more of a realistic option for some of the struggling teams, and I think the league will be fine with 30 teams if they're in the right spots.

I threw KC out there because the NHL has seem hellbent on getting a team there for a while now. It's just another step in expansion to non-traditional markets. If they're struggling to get ownership together now, what happens if they start to lose money for a prolonged stretch? It would be exactly like Atlanta, Dallas, Phoenix, etc. You're absolutely correct.

I don't really see Houston as a viable option. Dallas is a much bigger sports market, and they've only had sporadic success, and that was when Hitchcock was taking the team deep in the playoffs. Other than that stretch, they just haven't had the support to be successful.

Until the league just comes to the realization that hockey is niche sport, they'll continue with this cycle of massive revenue sharing to support franchises that are slowly bleeding to death. The only southern expansion teams that I would say have been successful are Carolina and Nashville. Carolina has more to do with being the only professional sports team in town, and Nashville has generally just taken to hockey. That's the one real win in Bettman's southern expansion plan.

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