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03-28-2013, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Its just not adding up, your absolutely correct. This guy Gosbee is cut from entirely different cloth than a Hulsizer or Le Blanc. He's like, y'know, "real"? I somehow cant see him wanting to be "partnering up" with Le Blanc & who knows who else, but hey, anythings possible I suppose. Strikes me as being highly improbable, implausible, but then again, people can be strange... I didnt believe the Thrashers were about to be moved either. Didnt think even the NHL could be that stupid. I was wrong.... dunno... so maybe Le Blanc has had convo's with the guy mesa?. Heck, Ive had lengthy conversations with people about things like Alien bases on the Moon and in our oceans. Does that mean its real, happened & happening? Vast underground facilities. Tunnels maintained by a Neanderthal/Alien hybrid capable of shapeshifting, inter-dimensional time & space travel, what you humans call Bigfoot, Sasquatch or... oh dear, said too much.... edit function no longer working....
The Gosbee`s of the world are only going to do this if he has complete control, a stunningly good deal (which won`t happen, and likely would need massive help from the COG). End of the day, the $30MM + losses are far too much to overcome for a financially astute I-banker! Don`t forget, the arena location IS a huge problem not only now but for a new owner as well! This time of year the sun on the 101 is right in your eyes causing traffic to slow more than usual. But don`t take my word on that, just talk to the players, coaches and everybody else involved in the organization. They ALL live in the East valley, love practicing at the Ice Den and to a person hate the commute to the middle of nowhere. No discussions have occurred with out the question of, "when and where can we relocate in the Valley?"

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