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03-28-2013, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by MoneyGuy View Post
Don't underestimate the host-team factor here. In the playoffs a lot of your success is due to your commitment to winning. I think the Blades didn't play as hard as they would have if they didn't get a free ticket to the show, while their opponent did.

However, they should have put up a better show. It's a very bad thing to go into the Mem Cup after having six or seven weeks off.

I won a lunch with a friend who is a Blades fan. We bet on which team would go longer in the playoffs, the Blades or the Oil Kings. Who says there is no free lunch?
I never underestimate anyone, ever, both in sports and in life - it's how you get blindsided.

I just don't like the format for the MC where the host team automatically gets a bye. I'm not sure how they could do it differently though and still guarantee having a well planned tournament with bums in the seats. It almost seems like Saskatoon did their best to ensure that they go into the MC well rested and with no injuries and didn't worry about competing. I'm of the firm belief that the main reason we had a poor showing last year at the MC was due to the last series against Portland. It was an extremely hard fought series that probably exasperated any injuries guys were playing with and wore them down physically. It caused them to peak early.

Whether it was a "strategic" move or just not caring, only they know for sure. We'll find out come May long weekend!

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