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12-25-2003, 03:59 PM
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To win the stanley cup, you need a couple of players like him. He's our only one. I don't see how we could win it without even one.[/QUOTE]

yes but that 's all the difference to say ''a couple of players like him ''and only '' him '' .I know that koivu is a good player who will help a lot in the playoffs...but to say that no koivu = no stanley cup is really naive

The team just could sign a free agent or could do a trade ( with or without him ) to get another key player...anyway Mario Lemieux was a way better than Koivu and had Jagr as teammate(also way better than Koivu )and how much cup did they bring to PIT. ? only 2 is a team game

and with the add of the young guns in 2004-2005 , you are going to realise that Koivu is only a part of the talent we are going to have ...

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