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03-28-2013, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by crakced View Post
When the Regina Pats hosted the Memorial Cup back in 2001 they also lost out in the first round of the playoffs and had to wait a long time before the tourney started.

Guess who the head coach of the Pats was back in 2001.....Lorne Molleken who also happens to the Blades head coach this year.

The belief around Saskatoon...and the proof really is that the Blades can't win in the playoffs. They actually had less fans out for games 1 & 2 than they had out the last 15 or so home games. Many fans refused to go, with the expectation that they would lose. They have now lost 12 straight playoff games over the last 3 years...three straight sweeps. They've changed almost every player and still can't win. Is Molleken the problem?
wow, that's crazy. I know in the little I saw they looked terrible. If they play like this in the M Cup, they are going to get shelled. I was watching a little of the game last night after the Habs game and the announcers on tv (shaw maybe) were saying how surprised they were that the coaching staff and players were suggesting that they still had a good chance to win, suggesting that the team didn't have more of a sense of urgency.

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