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Originally Posted by coachfluffy View Post
I truly believe that the difference between the championship teams and the recent teams is the make up and character of the players. Through forty years of coaching and at all the coaching clinics, I have learned that every players has his own quirks on what motivates and what deflates them. It is the coaches job to discover those quirks and tweak his style of coaching to get the most out of each player.

During the good years, the players seemed to thrive on adversity and verbal beatings they were subjected to. Those that did not like the abuse asked out and were traded.

The recent years' players have shown a need to be guided and praised. They want to be treated like everyone else on the team. The few players that accept the coaches' ways have played decent but most of the others have folded or asked out. I also believe that is where the loss of DJ grows in importance. He knew when to pat on the back or kick in the ass.

Boughner's coaching techniques with the Spits would also explain his lack of success in the NHL. The pros are making too much money to be abused. Not sure if anyone remembers Wayne Maxner or not, but he had the same problem with the Red Wings. He had success in Windsor and in London but failed miserably in the NHL. He told me later that he could not change his style and the pros were no accepting of him.
I think we started getting the entitled kids who worked the system to get here and WR was glad to get them. The players on the Mem Cup teams by in large were kids who took a leap of faith to come here after the dark Riolo years and were looking for an honest shot and a chance to earn a spot. Players playing the NCAA game and forcing their way to different situations as defected first rounders have entitlement issues and I don't believe have the mental make-up necessary to be frank about it - definitely not for hardass screamer coaches.

Also I don't believe this team will be able to turn in around until we're post-Kerby. There is just obvious different set of rules and it leads to resentment and a divided lockerroom. Don't know as much of this past season, but the season when he was acquired in January and the next season after that I heard a few stories of Kerby special treatment resentment and feeling second-class citizens on the team. Players who experienced the team pre-Kerby noticed a difference, as they move on maybe it will be easier for newer players to accept it as regular way of doing business in the OHL.

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