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03-28-2013, 01:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Nsjohn130 View Post
"Took a dump on the fan base that treated him so well for a decade and a half. At least when our icon left, he made sure the deal was going to be in the best interest of the Bruins as well. Makes me appreciate Ray all the more.

What a ****ing clown. So much respect lost."

"Way to skip out on the question their you ****ing fraud...."

"**** you, Iggy"

"no because Iginla had the trump card and used- screw Iginla, I dont want him anymore"

"If Iginla's only choice was the Pens, why did he gave a list with 4 teams he would accept a trade in the 1st place? Is there any honesty left in pro sports these days?

**** that bald mother****er and his stupid Pens. May they all burn in hell!"

And an example of a fantastic post:
"This is very true but I think it's still up in the air whether Iginla blew this up 100% on his own or Feaster knew that Iginla wouldn't approve the Boston deal and led them on to create more of a market. I think we are going to find out at 2 o'clock. If it was all Iginla, expect Chiarelli to take the high road and not say much. If Feaster was in on this, I expect a blow least of Chiarelli's mild mannered proportions.

My hunch right now is that it was all Iginla. I have a hard time seeing Feaster being dumb enough to alienate another GM like that, because with how this business works, you also alienate his friends. It's bad business, and he got a horrific return in the end anyways so the ends don't justify the means. But like I said, we'll find out soon. Good chance at 2 o'clock and at worst, the next time Cam talks to the media. You know he won't be afraid to speak up if he thinks Feaster was in the wrong."

And from a flames fan:

I'm a Flames fan living in Boston, and I was ecstatic to have Jarome in Boston to chase the Cup. That said he has the NMC in his contract and went where he felt the most comfortable, as shocking as it may be to all of you. So good for him.

Honestly both returns were meh, that's not the point. Iginla has transcended the Flames franchise the last couple years for me. Nothing on the table is going to replace him, simple as that, and frankly the franchise is ****ed either way. Some of us less spoiled fans understand we have no control over hockey ops and I am glad he is going to play where he wants to play. He has earned the right not to be treated like a faceless commodity sold to the highest bidder. But I would have loved to him have in Boston."

I fully expecting you to apologize, say you get it, and move on. Except this is the Internetzz- especially HFB.
Yes, angry posts. People are angry. They should be angry.

Iginla did "take a dump" on the Flames organization. He could have given them a better return. Had he abided by the list Feaster has spoken about, his team would have had a great prospect, and a 6/7 D man on their way to Calgary, with a possible 1st if he were to sign with the Bruins for next season.

For what should I apologize? You haven't listed any "illogical drivel", other than people saying that they are angry.

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