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Originally Posted by Sean Garrity View Post
Tape my stick at the house, leave 1 hr before the game in order to show up 45 minutes before(only because I ride with the goalie who has a ridiculous 40 minutes pre-game ritual, oh and he sucks).

Banana on the ride over, then a long cut(usually Grizz mint) and drink half of the 32 OZ cucumber Gatorade. Mix the rest of my Gatorade in my water bottle with water.

Get dressed, usually skates on then pee and then continue, but I always remember the GWG pouch. Pee(again on most days/nights) and get rid of pouch.

Rinse my mouthguard with the aforementioned Gatorade/water mixture. Chew on it excessively during warmups to look like a baws.

Stretch before I do any stickwork/shooting. I rarely shoot, outside of if no one is shooting to get the goalie warm(then I simply DS&C) , and I prefer to simply showoff/throw dirty sauce pregame to sike out the opponent.

Always the last one to leave the ice/rink, allegedly to "get the pucks", but in reality I want everyone to look at me and to ensure I'm out there on the first shift.

ALWAYS shake the refs hand pre-game, and usually have something chirpy to say about the refs gear for fun(and so he'll let me get away with ****).
I know you're probably joking but I dislike this type of person.

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