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Originally Posted by Yeti of the Flow View Post
Yes, angry posts. People are angry. They should be angry.

Iginla did "take a dump" on the Flames organization. He could have given them a better return. Had he abided by the list Feaster has spoken about, his team would have had a great prospect, and a 6/7 D man on their way to Calgary, with a possible 1st if he were to sign with the Bruins for next season.

For what should I apologize? You haven't listed any "illogical drivel", other than people saying that they are angry.
You're still the only one in this thread who has an issue with how this went down, and the unfortunate correlation with you being a Bruins fan ends any amount of objectivity playing a role here.

Your team lost and you're not getting Iggy. Get over it.

Iggy has earned the right to go where he wants and no sane Flames fan is going to be ripping him for choosing PIT over BOS on account of the return. You say BOS offer was better, when I can turn around and say Koko's a flight risk, Bart's a nobody and the first is still an unknown.

You're sour grapes, and while I would encourage you to stop before you just make yourself look like a sore loser, I think you're past that point already. By all means, continue to fuss and cry.

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