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Originally Posted by Killion View Post
Im not sure Im following you here M4B. My understanding of the terms or concept is that Beacon is to be providing two separate RFP's. One without the Coyotes, the other with. So in the latter, they would have to be then working with potential suitors in crafting the parameters of that RFP (possibly more than one on that side of the equation if theres more than one interested group), while on a simultaneous & parallel track buyers negotiating with the NHL.
Yeah, fuddle-fingers on my part.

What I meant was was based of Weier's quoute. More like, we're tired of waiting.

Paul Giblin‏@PaulGiblinAriz
#Coyotes will require two deals at once: Investors/NHL for the team, and investors/Glendale for arena managment. Unless the team moves...
Paul Giblin‏@PaulGiblinAriz
#Glendale just hired Beacon Sports on Tuesday to handle Arena management bids and #Coyotes deals because of the long non-action.
Actually, they were hired March 4... or date of the signing of the Agreement. Made it "public" 2 days ago

Paul Giblin‏@PaulGiblinAriz
It seems highly unlikely that the #NHL is close to selling the #Coyotes without #Glendale officials knowing about it.

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