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Originally Posted by Riverside Habs Fan View Post
This is a pure guess but I think UM02 sees themselves as a more independent group and not technically under the direction of the Impact.

I think a lot of other groups in North America are more like the Molson Ex zone at the Bell Centre with club employees leading chants and paying for the tifos.

Just a guess.
No that's not it. Every supporters group is a separate entity with little to no direct involvement of the team. To my knowledge no group, certainly none in MLS, are like Molson Ex.

Remember that the Southsiders, Timbers Army and Emerald City are currently suing the league over trademark issues(for the Cascadia cup). They are are prickly and protective of their space as UM02.

I raised the issue over at bigsoccer, and as I hoped someone with real knowledge corroborated the issue:


By: Don Gagliardi

It was already awkward this year, since the 1906 Ultras in San Jose were not invited to participate in the Independent Supporters Council (ISC), nor in the creation of a separate non-profit Supporters Shield Council, nor given notice that the Supporters Shield was being revamped, nor invited to donate funds for the revamped trophy. Nor, in a display of hubris, did the ISC think to ask the 1906 Ultras whether they would be willing to return the existing Supporters Shield for display in Kansas City at the conclusion of this season before ISC publicly announced that that is what will happen.

I don't blame the Montreal Ultras for having misgivings about the ISC or about how the Supporters Shield is being managed. When groups representing lower level clubs in places like Tucson and San Antonio are represented in the ISC and thereby have a voice in a trophy awarded for MLS excellence, while the primary supporters group in San Jose, which currently holds the Shield, is not asked to participate, and a nominal San Jose supporters group consisting of a handful of members (if that) who don't actually do tifo is substituted as the supposed voice of San Jose supporters, there are reasons to question the bona fides of both the ISC and the new shield emanating from such an entity.

At a minimum, the Montreal Ultras and the 1906 Ultras should be offered, forthwith, and unconditionally, seats on the non-profit board administering the new Supporters Shield. Most specifically, these groups' non-participation in the ISC should not disqualify them from participation in the management of the Supporters Shield. To my understanding, however, neither has a seat because neither is a member of ISC.
Remember that San Jose won the shield last season.

All complaints recalled. Hopefully its a problem that will be resolved over time, but obviously its not related to their own aloofness or arrogance, which is what I was originally thinking.

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