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03-28-2013, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
We definetly had a shot that year. Did the team have flaws absolutely but you don't have to be perfect to win. All it takes is a certain level of talent (Which we had) and then getting hot/lucky at the right time(s).
Getting lucky is not something you can plan for. "Serious damage" in the playoffs means zero unless you win a cup as far as giving up prospects is concerned. Hossa was a pure rental so I would've been super pissed off giving up any of those three without winning a cup. And I don't think Hossa would've given us one. He didn't manage to win one even with Crosby at his side.

What do you mean by serious damage? Is it a 2nd round or 3rd round exit? Is it losing in the finals? Seriously man, if you don't win a cup then the move is brutal.
Originally Posted by Sorinth View Post
Also we ended up losing one of those 3 top prospects anyways for little return, it hasn't crippled us. Had we given McDo up to get a Hossa or Sundin and then done serious damage in the playoffs it's hard to say we would've regretted it.
It's easy to say this now because we wasted McD elsewhere. What if it had been PK or Max? Would it have been worth it?


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