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03-28-2013, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Major4Boarding View Post
What I meant was was based of Weier's quoute. More like, we're tired of waiting.
Yes its beyond a curious situation at this point in time. He seemed quite level headed & honest about the situation in that interview he did with Fox shortly after taking office. Its been noted that he has attended almost all if not all Coyotes home games along with The Who Concert, taking full advantage of the Cities Suite at thejob, though never seen in the company of prospective buyers nor even persons of influence beyond I believe John McCain (followed by a flight to Washington, possibly in lobbying efforts pursuant to Luke AFB & the F35 Contract, no idea). So I dont know. Is he is just another professional politician who feel's entitled to his entitlements without performance? Thus far thats exactly what it appears to be to me. Consolidating power in his office. Or is there some actual heavy lifting going on behind the scenes?... which I rather cynically doubt, as actions indicate otherwise, talk's cheap. Both he & the NHL owe people an update, some transparency would be nice and as promised on the campaign trail.

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