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Originally Posted by Habs Junkie View Post
The fact is 29 other GM's would of went with Pleks-Eller-Gallchenyuk at this point down the middle. Maybe picked up another center with size, and some defensive abilities. But only in Montreal would a player like DD still be getting the royal treatment and a fresh new contract extension.

He's played ok in about half the games this year (and that's being generous) and the other half has been a no show. What makes me laugh is people calling out Paccioretty now. First Cole, now him, for sure Gallagher will be next.

I look at our healthy roster, and it's obvious that DD is the weak link and the one I'd try and expose if I was the opposition. And that's regular season. Can you imagine the playoffs, when teams will be studying our whole lineup?
I'm pretty critical of DD at center ice- I don't think he belongs there. He doesn't have the two way play to play center, nor the size. But he is an asset on the wing where he doesn't have to mark centers that are much bigger than him in his own zone and he can mark higher up to cover defensemen. And we're not Boston with two big wingers on the top two lines.

I've been saying since last year that we should be looking long term at a line of Pacioretty - Galchenyuk - Desharnais. If Patches and DD do have the chemistry, that line has two scorers and a set up man. It doesn't matter if the winger is more pass first. Though you may put them on your off wing.

It's not that I bash DD. It's just so glaringly obvious that if we want to compete for a Cup, he can't be centering one of your top two lines.

Have you ever heard of a Stanley Cup winner that has to shelter one of their top two centerman? I haven't. And I see no problem in being able to shift anybody around in the lineup. Nobody is entitled to their position if it's for the betterment of the team. That's more where my disdain comes from because people have anointed him as a centerman and the mere talk of shifting him around is a sin.

Why do we have to put DD on the wing?

Well why did we have to play Weber on the fourth line? Why is Ryder playing on the left wing, not the right? Why does Eller have to shift to wing?

Anybody and everybody is a candidate to be shifted around. That's the start and end of it for me. And when people have a problem with that, they're biased. That's all there is to it.

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