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03-28-2013, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Frankenheimer View Post
I think what we're seeing is a transformation in the very nature of fandom where the intrigue and fascination for the team doesn't just lie with following the team, cheering them with friends, and being happy when they win. These days, part of the enjoyment derives from being proxy general managers -- anticipating trades, analyzing draft picks, following the farm team, and basically following the "process" of the team as much as the fact of winning.

I've been a fan for thirty years now and I can say that when trades happened in the past, they were kind of out of the blue, and the criteria for assessing them was far different. There wasn't this media apparatus that exists today that's pretty much seamlessly integrated with fan writing or journalism. There's wasn't as much analysis of statistics as a source of enjoyment, at least as much as there was in baseball. Granted, the salary cap changed the nature of following the team.

All this to say, that twenty years ago, if the Habs were in the position they're in now, there would be no question about the objective for this year. It would be the Stanley Cup or bust. And everything would be mobilized accordingly. We're number two in the conference folks. There's hardly ever a "right time" to win the cup. This windows open and close in ways that are difficult to predict.
We weren't a big deadline type deal team back then either. We were always conservative about things. We had a big move on Chelios and we regretted that one (though we won a cup so it wasn't that horrible) and that's about it.

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