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03-28-2013, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Ginu View Post
Nobody is blaming him. He just doesn't belong at center. That's not blaming him for something. Either way, his position is up for grabs just like anyone else's. he was the worst +/- on the team up to last game. It's been a day since that changed. He has to be better.

Do you agree that, if it's better for the team for him to play wing, that he should play wing?
Now that's a legitimate opinion.

Do I agree? Not now. First of all, because he has never played on the wing. This would be an experiment that could be tried in the next training camp, for example, but certainly not a few weeks before the playoffs. DD is a playmaker, and most of the time (but not all), these players are best suited at center because they have more time and space to see the ice and do their play.

Second, I think someone has to steal his job for him to lose his spot at center. Eller, while showing good flashes, still has just 4 goals and is often invisible. Galchenyuk is only 19 and is not ready defensively to assume a bigger role. He still looks nervous with the puck sometimes and I think he needs to learn the rope before being granted a bigger role. I think he's used perfectly right now.

In other words, DD's job at center is not in danger yet. I think none of Eller or Galchenyuk have done enough to force that change and make an experiment at such a point in the season.

But who knows, next training camp, I'd be willing to try it.

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