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03-28-2013, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
Desharnais is going to be playing top offensive minutes and be relied on as the #1 offensive C for most of the next 4 years (or until Galcheyuk is ready to take over). Regardless of how much credit one feels that particular play deserves, his overall play/production this season and that game leaves something to be concerned going into the future no?

Plekanec is good ~60 point 2way tough minute C but he isn't a true #1 C. Very good #2 C that can give #1C easier matchup.
Eller will probably remain in his #3 checking line C role for the next few years. No one else can play the same role in the organization.
Galchenyuk is the team's biggest hope for a true #1 C in a very long time. If we're lucky, he'll reach that upside sooner than later.

Desharnais is the Habs #1 offensive C. His role is the get points. If he can't, Habs are in trouble long term. I don't see him playing any other role on the team other than this.

Last season, people were on Plekanec's case because he had a weaker than usual season offensively with 52. DD currently on pace for worse production. I don't think it's as 'personal' as you seem to suggest the 'hate' is...
I agree with most of your analysis, but not all. The problem is : We now analyse his performance while he's in a slump. 2 weeks ago, he was on pace for a good season. DD could very well make 6-7 points this week and suddenly, he'll again be on pace for a normal 50-60 points season. I think we tend to overanalyse over short periods instead of looking at the great picture. And I'm not worried that DD has the skills to be a 50+ points player every season.

And yes, I think the hate is personnal. Everytime DD has 2-3 more average games, the same usual suspects suddenly get out of the woods and bump this thread. Actually, it's more "everytime DD makes an average play".

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