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03-28-2013, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by hemispheres View Post
So you don't believe they did there jobs as 3rd line players, I reiterate other teams needed to pay attention to them. Yet those Bruins teams were considered deep.

Still think Chiarelli is a very good GM.
I absolutely think they did their job as 3rd liners, and I absolutely think Chia is a great GM (not just good). I don't condemn him for not paying more for Pouliot or Ryder however as they needed to save cap dollars, and neither one was that impressive as to make themselves absolute must resigns.

Resigning Ryder at 3.5mill for a job Pouliot could do at 1mill doesn't make much sense, and Pouliot did do it just as well.

Chia tried the same tactic with another long shot very similar to Pouliot in Bourque and was in a perfect situation to do so. His top 6 was static and locked up. Had it paid off he would have had a very cost effective 3rd line winger locked up when the cap drops next year, and that would have been absolutely invaluable. Not every move pays off (remember Versteeg for Bochenski?) though, and if you're going to screw up there are worse places to do it then the third line. As it stands he needs to put Bourque in the minors and pick up a solid 3rd line presence... which aren't exactly rare around this league.

That isn't this teams problem. The problem is the Krejci line has struggled and their defense is suspect.

I'll be the first one to say "man why the hell didn't Chia go out and get xxxxx", but I realize I'm looking at it in hindsight and that I'm often wrong at least as much as right. I would have been all over a Nash for Krejci deal, and would still like to see him traded as part of a package for an impact player. I understand the other side of the coin as well though, and likely why Chia hasn't done it yet and may never. The mans resume speaks for itself right now.

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