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Originally Posted by kshinkman View Post
I've got to say that this is the most idiotic post I've ever read. I mean sincerely idiotic. It combines 20-20 hindsight, mind reading, speculation and a pathetic attempt top rationalizing Shero's poor decisions all into one package.

It's plain stupid to try to link these trades together in any way. Each trade should be evaluated independently. Shero drastically overpaid for Morrow and Murray.Then he lucked out when Iginla Picked Pgh over Boston. That's all there is to it.
I'll certainly admit that Shero masterminding the sequence of events leading up to everything that's happened so far might be more than a little far-fetched. Maybe Shero did overpay for Morrow and Murray for no reason and Iginla just happened to fall into his lap. Stranger things have happened in the NHL.

But answer me this: does Shero have a history that would suggest he'd be willing to overpay for guys who aren't sure things, like Morrow and Murray, for no other reason than to marginally improve the team in the short term? You could argue he did that in 2010 when he traded for Ponikarovski and Leopold, except he certainly didn't overpay by nearly as much to acquire them. More questions for you: why do you feel that we have to evaluate these trades individually, in a vacuum? Is that how we evaluate anyone's work, let alone NHL GMs whose job it is explicitly to look at the big picture for their team? Is it really that crazy to believe that maybe he had a plan in mind when he made three trades in the space of about four days? Did Shero really wake up on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday and decide on each of those days that he'd make a trade, without there being any relation between the three?

Your philosophy seems to be that GMs should be looking to win every trade, as if that was the main determinant for evaluating their work. I could be entirely wrong, but that seems like an awfully short-sighted way of going about doing things in general, including in the NHL. Certainly, even assuming Shero was actually doing exactly what I previously posted, the whole thing could have easily blown up in his face if Iginla hadn't targeted Pittsburgh as his number one destination. Whatever the case, the fallout from these moves seems to be apparent to others as well. Here's an example I found on the Bruins' board:

Originally Posted by OrrOverGretzky View Post
Anyone I've talked to this morning can't believe the events that took place and have no clue whats next.

Assume you're the GM of whatever team owns the "Plan B"

You're now aware Bruins had a deal in place and got nixed by Iggy/Feaster or whoever.

Now, has the price for "Plan B" just gone up knowing full well the Bruins absolutely have to do something? If it were me, damned straight it would.

Becomes a balancing act now. Can you beat Pittsburgh in a seven game series and are you prepared to overpay even more, or are you going to write off the season and make your best move in the off season and try again next year?

Tough call. Glad its not me deciding

This doesn't make sense unless Shero does everything he did this week. Sorry for probably making Shero out to be a lot more competent than he might actually be, but all I did was offer my view of the situation. I now realize that declaring Shero a genius is awfully overzealous of me. That said, there no need to go into hyperbole and call my post the most idiotic post you've ever read.

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