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03-28-2013, 02:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Neutrino View Post
In my opinion, this type of thing is what's wrong with our fanbase.

You could legitimately be concerned for a player's production, sure, but to go full delirium and spew that kind of BS shows how disconnected some people are from the actual game. What many folks like way more than hockey is drama and since our team isn't giving them much to feast on in this great hockey season of hockey so far, I guess they have to generate it by themselves.

On the bright side for more informed posters it becomes very easy to separate what should be read with consideration and what should be discarded as nonsense.
You started this post wrong, I never said I was worried about his lack of production, his production is quite fine on paper but when you watch the game, something wrong.. The one carrying this line is Gallagher, what isnt normal since he is the rookie.. I feel pac is floating alot shooting from the outside and not going in the dirty areas like he was doing before, even is passing is quite off, I feel if Pac was trying half as hard as Gallagher, this line could be a real threat for the opponents.. And BTW this is not a bashing thread, Im actually a fan of Pacioretty, Im just desapointed alot the way he plays this year and nothing wrong pointing it out, Im not an hypocrite fan, I say what need to be said.

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