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03-28-2013, 03:02 PM
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Originally Posted by CREW99AW View Post
Nino's played 55 nhl games. Does he still qualify as a prospect?
He's actually played 64 games my friend. He's been caught in limbo. HF phases out players who've played [65] NHL games (or if a player completes the season of his 24th birthday). It can all be found here:

They key part is listed at the very bottom,

NOTE: These are general guidelines and should be followed the majority of the time but certain players may still be listed as prospects if circumstances warrant. Also, for players that are close to either the 65-game (skaters) or 45-game (goaltenders) benchmark but have also clearly "arrived" as NHL players, HF reserves the right to remove these players from consideration as prospects and instead consider these players graduated.
And let me get my white knight stuff on and defend Kreider. I actually had a great conversation on HFboards about luck and situation in a thread about Blake Wheeler, and I feel like this summarizes my thoughts on the player.

I often wonder about the role of circumstance in player development and how it all comes down to chance. Turris (another bit of a project pick) is a great example of that I believe. He struggled to find his footing in Phoenix, but seems to be putting things together in Ottawa. A player is only as good as his situation and how well his skillsets serve the style of of play of the team.
Kreider's buried in New York, and as good as his raw skillset is, he might never get a chance to play in a consistent role in which he will thrive and play the kind of game he excels at. People look at the point totals in his stint in the NHL (as they do with a lot of players) as a gauge of his success, but the points aren't illustrating everything. I feel like in a different situation, Kreider's getting a lot more love.

Now come on guys, lets hype up Kreider to San Jose rumors or something.

Thanks for reading the installments thus far. It's my first time on the committee, and getting to be on the other side of the comments is both humbling and hilarious.

I know sometimes people like to ask HF staff of their thoughts, so if I have time (I'm behind on my San Jose stuff and my editor is probably mad I'm on HFboards haha) I'll answer a few things. All I ask is... before you ask a question, just for comradery sake--post a list of your top 10 prospects.

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