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03-28-2013, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by xposbrad View Post
If Clowe was on our team, playing as crappy as he was, we would have wanted him traded for anything. Yet, some of our fans, would give up a high ceiling player like Eller for him? lol

Physical play helps, but it's not really going to win you many games. You swap Clowe for Eller, then this team is weaker up front scoring wise. Last I checked, you had to put the puck in the net to win games.
That is why I also included Dumont as an option instead of Eller.

Clowe is having a snake-bit season. He has 61 shots on goal and none have gone in. I could understand calling him a plug if he only had 29 shots like Armstrong.

Despite that, Clowe still has 10 points and is second on the team in hitting. Seven fewer points than Eller. A change of scenery would help Clowe tremendously.

I understand that very few people want a "goon", "enforcer" or that type of player on the Habs. Just read through that thread. But Clowe is a hockey player who is big and who can be physical.

I know the dream is for Eller to be on the PP. I hear it every night we play. The reality is that Therrien does not want him on it. Griping will not change reality.

Clowe has over 60 minutes on the PP. Almost the same as Gallagher. What Clowe can do for our PP is create space. Hitting and physicality will free up our smaller players on the PP. Having Clowe in front of the goalie clogging up the crease will also improve our effectiveness.

To address and fill a need, you have to give up some value. It would be easy to simply say give the Sharks Armstrong, Kaberle and Weber for Clowe. In the real world, doesnt work that way.

As far as being a rental, we have the money to sign Clowe. We have Gomez money and soon to have Kaberle money. He can be persuaded to stay in Montreal.

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