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03-28-2013, 03:28 PM
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And so it begins...although most people (even those in favour of FFP) knew in their hearts it would go down like this.

FFP legally really doesn't have a leg to stand on outside of football's self-righteous made-up legal framework. In the real world it's just illegal...

Bosman-case lawyer:

"He said the rule "likely constitutes collusion and hence a violation of European Union competition law."

"FFP may also infringe other EU freedoms such as the free movement of workers and services.

"Even if FFP were sufficiently legitimate and necessary to justify its distortions of EU principles, however, it would still have to clear a final hurdle: proportionality. "

"Uefa would need to convince the EU's judges in Luxembourg that FFP is the least restrictive means of achieving its aims. This seems unlikely."

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