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03-28-2013, 03:53 PM
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Not really one thing can soley be pointed out as the reason for a bad season........In my view one of the biggies is injuries....Too many to mention, and quite a few players are playing at well under 100% after coming back from injury like Harts, Mez, etc. We play short handed more than any team in the league is another biggy in my view. We struggle 5 on 5 offensively, and going 4 on 5 routinely more than our opponet any given night really hurts ! Couts has just not got it going this year on offense like many have hoped, although i am one who realizes he is still young and feel no need to panic trade the lad etc....

I think Bryz has been fairly solid this season considering the amount of games he has played and the rediculous amount of breakaways, and odd man rushes he faces any given game....He has lost quite a few games that he played outstanding in etc.

I still like Homer, still like Lavy as a coach etc, and still think that pro hockey is a crazy game that for what ever reason allows a club thats having a tough season to still match up well with one of the best teams in hockey and can beat them in the first round of the playoffs again if we can sneak in......We STILL for whatever reason match up pretty damn well against Pitts..........go figure ?

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