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Originally Posted by Kingpin794 View Post
HELLO! What do you think we did this year?

As for guys that will be back, for sure we'll have:

Locke (OA)
Strong (OA)
Young (OA)

Some guys that are on the Fence:

Trafford (Starting to use his speed well, but he will be a 4th year guy)
Webermin (Injury history worries me)
Glass (Maybe keep as a 7th D man)
Sadowy (Maybe an extra if we take Stephens in the first)
Perklin (Decent grinder, maybe keep as an extra, but could be forced out because of Stephens.)

Those that won't be here:


So I don't know how you figure we don't return a majority of this team next year.

Who do you think they'll get rid of then?
I saw every game and this is what I think based on ice time and PP and PK time

Ross- Great player he really pulled the team up I wish him alll the best next year
Alexeeve-good player Alot of up side
Kea-he is top player on any team in the CHL
Sadowy- inproved alot good player with alot of up side
Locke-great player and a real leader of the team and top CHL player
Trafford- good speed upside to his game
Perklin-ok player he need to get stronger
Bratina- Great pick up this kid has it all need sizes that will come in time
Lodge-He has become a great player and still inproving
Lindberg-has inproved a lot with a lot of up side
Addison- good player need to be stronger but alot of up side
Sutch- he"s play inproved in the 2 half I wish him well for next year
Moutrey- This player also has it all and will be a real inpact player next year
Glass-Very good steady D man keep the game simple good pick up
Weberman-a good D man but to many injury,I would trade
Strong- very good D man with alot of upside
Shaw- good to great at time on D I wish him the best for next year good pick up
Young- Great offenive D man needs to work on D zone some
Ringuette-strong D man needs to keep the game simple cost him om +/-
Prophet-good player could be great player next year has all the tools
Subban- I would trade,
Lopez-I think he would be a good forward if given a chances

Go Sprit!!!!!!!

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