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12-25-2003, 05:44 PM
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My Lineup - IronMarshal

Here is my (winning) lineup:

Daunte Culpepper - QB (Minn)
Ricky Williams - RB (Mia)
Jamal Lewis - RB (Balt)
Peerless Price - WR (ATL)
Reggie Wayne - WR (Ind)
Dante Hall - WR (KC)
David Boston - WR/TE (SD)
Marcus Pollard - TE (Ind)
Jason Elam - K - (Den)
Baltimore Ravens - Defense

QLTDO is fine with me.
Last I checked our stats are going to be available for week 17, QLTDO has access to the web site and may be able to pick the scoring right off the page.

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