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03-28-2013, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Issacar View Post
We just need to give Price the time to develop his potential. Does anyone realizes that Price has 8932074329084237423098 more games played hten Martin Brodeur at the same age?

(No I did not bother to look how many more games Price as played then Brodeur at comparable ages, but it's a whole lot of them).

People are way too impatient and wants players to be good now instead of giving them the time it takes....
he could have had 13223545609848605843097860756734652645765756584567 3567356756757578549682968586572486509564087 more games played than Brodeur...But that doesnt make him a good goalie... just some one that Gainey drafted no5 overall and gave him all the chances in the world to show his potential.

After six years now we can say that Price is an avg goalie that likes to do rodeo in the summer.

Its like Jose Theodore, the guy won a Vezina and Hart, won in the juniors... he played for the Capitals when they were super hot but he never won a Stanley Cup and never will he win one. Theodore showed alot of potential but his weakness was in his head.

Very similar story with Price..kind of... just a couple of inches taller

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