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Originally Posted by EagleBelfour View Post
Good thing you haven't completed our assassination, as we made some change to our lineup:

Les Nordiques de Québec


General Manager: DaveG & EagleBelfour
Head Coach: Peter Laviolette
Assistant Coach: Father David Bauer

Richard Martin - Mark Messier - Bill Cook
Sid Smith - Eric Lindros - Didier Pitre
Alf Smith - Fred Stanfield - Gordie Drillon
Mel Bridgman - Michal Handzus - Stan Smyl
Art Chapman
Orland Kurtenbach

Jack Stewart - Babe Siebert
Frantisek Pospisil - Leo Boivin
František Tikal - Ron Greschner
Gilles Marotte

Tom Barrasso
Eddie Giacomin

Mark Messier - Gordie Drillon - Bill Cook
Babe Siebert - Didier Pitre

Richard Martin - Sid Smith - Eric Lindros
Fred Stanfield - Frantisek Pospisil

Penalty Kill:
Mark Messier - Michal Handzus
Jack Stewart - Frantisek Pospisil

Babe Siebert - Mel Bridgman
Leo Boivin - Frantisek Tikal
Some thoughts on this team:

1st Line Forwards: Really good 1st line. Messier and Cook was my plan last year until Glenn Hall slipped to me. They should really feast on opposing teams. Rick Martin is no slouch either. Definitely a terrifying 1st line.

2nd Line Forwards: A little bit of a drop off here but not much. Lindros was one of the best guys in the league at his peak. I expect him to terrorize opposing teams in this. Injury concerns run rampant with Lindros but if healthy he's one of the best. Smith is going to be the goal scorer on this line, I like Pitre as well. It's a solid 2nd line but a step down from the 1st.

3rd Line Forwards: I like the 3rd line. Stanfield is a decent enough playmaker to give the puck to the goal scorer Gordie Drillon. Alf Smith is the glue guy here and should work well in that role, as has been noted he may take a lot of penalties though. This 3rd line is not your traditional 3rd line but it's still going to be good offensively.

4th Line Forwards: This is more of a traditional rough and tumble 4th line. Bridgman was a guy I looked at when I picked Toews, just a really good player for this role. Handzuz seems like the prototypical ATD 4th liner and should help you keep leads late in games, I had Smyl last year, he's good in this role. It's going to struggle due to lack of offense but given it's a 4th line it may not play much.

1st Defensive Pairing: Jack Stewart's middle of the pack as far as #1 defensemen go but he still should be a solid #1, I expect him, Messier and Cook to terrorize a lot of teams. Seibert split a lot of time between forward and defense but still had a good career at defense to warrant selection here.

2nd Defensive Pairing: Popisil's another good 1. He should be a good 2 way presence for you guys and is one of the better 2nd pairing defenseman in this. Boivin's another hard hitter for you guys, I expect both guys to provide some hard hits for your team.

3rd Pairing: Another good pairing. Tikal seems like someone that would be believable on a 2nd pairing. Greschner's a really good guy on offense, I strongly contemplated picking him last year.

Goalies: On a team of tough guys it seems fitting Barasso's your goalie, as far as low end #1's go Barasso might be the best. Just don't have him speak to the media...LOL. Giacomin's usually one of the lower end #1's in this but for your team he's the backup and should be among the best backups in the league. Solid duo.

Coaching: This seems like Laviolette's type of team. He's been pretty succesful wherever he has gone and should be here as well. Fr. David Bauer is a good assistant.

Spares: Chapman should provide solid offense off the bench for you guys and will probably be called up if an injury occurs to Lindros. Kurtenbach provides defense and little else. Marotte provides a good 2 way game and seems to provide the toughness that the rest of your team has in spades.

Special Teams: Good to see Drillon on your 1st power play, that is the best way to use Drillon in a more prominent role. Rick Martin is one of your better goal scorers, I probably would have had him on the 1st power play line, also Ron Greschner is missing, I find that questionable. Your penalty kill has drawn criticism but I think it should be fine.

Overall: This is 1 scary team that's going to give a lot of clubs nightmares. That said you have to hope that your key players don't take stupid penalties thta would cost your team a game, best of luck to you guys.

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