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Originally Posted by Mafoofoo View Post
That's what I've been hearing about Bioshock Infinite so far. Hows the whole skyhook working out? It looks pretty rad but it seems like it'd be something that was either way too broken or dumb.

Also METAL GEAR SOLID V IS GROUND ZEROES AND THE PHANTOM PAIN ALL IN ONE! It has fire space whales and fire horses getting shot at by Big Boss. Already gonna be GOTY when it comes out.
Riding the skyhook works fine, its fun. Now, mauling people with it is a whole nother story. You can turn it on and grind someones face with it, his bioshock is FAR more gory than the past ones.

Originally Posted by CrazedZooChimp View Post
I need to buy/build a new computer so I can get Bioshock Infinite, it looks and sounds so awesome.

I assume you're referring to the new XCOM, but both the original and this one (which did a surprisingly good job of keeping true to the original) were really good. I should go back and replay it...
Yah the new one. I don't even like turn based games usually, this game is ridiculous.

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