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03-28-2013, 06:12 PM
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Nobody bite my head off, because I do believe the Penguins were a stronger contender than the wings prior to their moves.

However, how different was the quality of the two rosters prior to the deadline moves? This isnt a statistical comparisson, but rather for ***** and giggles. Im operating under 3 givens:
A) Pitt is more offensive.
B) Our team is more defensive. (Looking at GA/G the difference is negligble, but I do believe our team defence is better, our system is more defense focused)
C) Comparisons below arent always statisically relevent (ie. Neal - Franzen) but often are (ie. Fleury - Howard).

both teams have two top line centers.
Crosby -Zetterberg
Malkin - Datsyuk

both lines have good top 6 winger depth
Neal - Franzen
Kunitz (insane breakout year) - Brunner (good(?) breakout year)
Dupuis - Filppula

Both teams have "Grinders playing up the roster"
Cooke - Abdelkader
Bennett - Cleary

Both teams top defenceman are dynamic offensively and "meh" defensively.
Letang - Kronwall

Niether team has an outstanding shutdown defenceman
Orpik - Ericsson

Both teams have a rookie Defence playing solid hockey
Despres - Smith

Third line centers are of the same caliber
Sutter - Helm

The complimentary pieces are playing at similar levels
Martin - Kindl
Niskanen - Quincey
Kennedy - Andersson

Both starting goalies are of the same caliber
Fleury - Howard

Again, I dont think this team is an elite contender, but i dont think we are as far off as some people say. Obviously, our rosters and abilities are "trending" in the opposite direction of Pittsburg due to ages. But when you look at things on a single season basis we are still a very good team. Our record doesnt show it but I see two reasons for that:
-We have a habit of playing down to weaker teams.
-More man games lost to injury than any other team.

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