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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Nobody is denying that

Are there people saying they should play 30 minutes and be worse defensively?

Here's a simple fact you repeatedly fail to address, likely because you have no rebuttal. Edmonton is far worse defensively than the Flyers. They're awful. Dubnyk's stats blow Bryz out of the water.

How do you account for that?

Bryzgalov's save percentage is miserable. It's not like every single shot on goal is one of those slam dunk plays, like you referred to. He's just not been good at stopping the puck. That's all there is to it. He routinely fails to make saves other goalies do make.

They CAN play better D, but they don't have the skill to generate offense as well in the process. They just get trapped in their own end. These aren't two way players like we used to have. Gagne has returned but he's nowhere near what he once was. Richards and Carter are gone. Giroux, and Voracek just aren't as good in that respect.

You can keep pretending that doesn't matter, but it does. Putting this team in a defensive shell like they did against Pitt and NYR did nothing but trap them even deeper in their own end because they weren't pushing as hard to generate offense.

The team looked worse in those two games than they did when they were trying to play to their strengths. It kinda shoots your theory down.
The inability to get out of our zone cleanly has a lot more to do with the defense than it does the forwards. The other team knows that they can just collapse down on our wingers because the defenseman don't have the ability to adjust and beat their aggressiveness, or skate the puck out of the zone.

The forwards have not had much trouble getting through the neutral zone if the defense can get it out of the d zone cleanly.

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