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Originally Posted by JohnnyB11 View Post
How about nothing???

Seriously. The Pens were a force, the top team in the conference, and they added Iginla, Morrow and Murray. Why deal ANY youth/prospects to try and match that??
I don't know if we should just be reactive and try to match it. But I think we should at least try to adjust at least one need to try to make us the best team we can be right now without giving up too much. There are guys playing pretty well right now. Gallagher comes to mind first. We should do a little something to improve our chances, for guys like Gallagher who battled all last night to put us in first again.

I think on paper we are not there yet. But I still think we should be making so low price or low risk moves for a possible run. Because you never know. We are doing fairly decent this year. I think we have looked weaker lately, even in the games we win, but still. There are some positives here. The team seems to have a good attitude this year. Confidence is there. It's worth investing something in. That can all change in a year. Coach can lose the room. Attitude might not be the same next year.

Pens and Bruins would be tough opponents in the playoffs, but there are always upsets. And the great thing about the playoffs is another team could pull off the upset for you. The way the Isles may have helped us win the cup in 93. I am not banking on a cup run. For all I know, we could be golfing after the first round. But I think we should make some kind of investment in this season.

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