Thread: Confirmed with Link: Iginla to Pittsburgh!!
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03-28-2013, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by martinarse View Post
first off I'm a bruins fan here ,so i am bitter .I thought our offer was weak for iginla and expected to pay more for him and as a fan of Boston probably done it if it was up to me then I see pittsburgh's offer and my jaw dropped, what a joke ! your best asset to trade to rebuild and you get nothing back .what is feaster doing here? I lost respect for iginla here because he announced 4 teams to talk to on the possible trade scenario. a deal is done and he says no after Boston scratches their players and has to go tell 2 kids why we traded them and then didn't but we still like you guys.I understand every ones angle in Calgary "why would you want to play anywhere but with Crosby hes the best." true but why list 4 teams when you would only choose 1 ,you caused a lot of grief to everyone else except yourself and your old team flames get a horrible return based on your last minute decision.
Who knows if he even submitted 4 teams? We've never got confirmation from him that this was true. It is possible that he chose Pittsburgh and only Pittsburgh and management was using the "4 teams" to drive the price up for the Pens. The announcement of a deal with Boston seems to me like a last attempt for Shero to panic and give a better offer, but in the end it seems like the only explanation as Boston's offer was much better (provided the 1st was not conditional). Just a thought, he has a NMC so he controls the whole process and I don't see it as being selfish in any way. Sure the return couldve been better but if thats the only team we can make a deal with its better then nothing and losing him in the summer.

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