Thread: Confirmed with Link: Iginla to Pittsburgh!!
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03-28-2013, 07:29 PM
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Originally Posted by rocketdan9 View Post
Iginla majorly screwed this one up it seems. Why have four teams listed in the first place?? After you have your list, then its your gm's choice in what he wants to do. There is no more, are you sure?? Also way to screw your relationship with your buddy Andrew Ference. The guy won the cup in 2011 and not only did not fully take in all the glory, he had the decency you name you on live tv that he wished you were there. And you want to play with Malkin/Crosby instead? very classy

No disrespect towards your team, but Iginla being done right by the organization he's spent his entire career in is far more important than hurting Boston's feelings. Iginla was in full control of this move from the start, as we all knew he would. The Flames wanted the Boston deal, but Iginla chose Pittsburgh. Give the man what he wants, he's earned it. He isn't just any player being traded. Also, it's important to note that Feaster is a moron. How does he wait until a deal is agreed, before talking to the player? Welcome to the Calgary Flames.

lol @ Ference. So let me get this straight - Ference shout out Iginla during his cup win, so Iginla supposedly owes him his future? I highly doubt their friendship is ruined. Stop overeating.

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