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12-25-2003, 06:31 PM
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Boston-Colorado Trade

The Skoula-for-Gill deal that BronxBruin and Nash61 mentioned might make sense for both teams.

SKOULA really does have sound skills and demonstrable durability. His problem's become one of confidence (very little) leading to self-perpetuating errors at inopportune times. He'll no doubt thrive wherever he goes (unless it's under a Keenan/Hartley type coach). While Colo has asked him to downplay his O-game to help steady his D-game this year, I'd see his offensive stuff flourishing in Bean-town. Despite the pounding he's taken by Avs fans (maybe justified, but also piling-on), at age 24 he has zero downside/much upside for any team acquiring him.

If Skoula turns it around over the next month (in a challenging Avs schedule), I wouldn't be surprised for Lacroix to "re-discover" him... and keep him.

If the Avs DO trade for a depth D-man, GILL fills the bill. They really could use a physical, stay-at-home dude to back-up Adam Foote... and also play occasional Hitter. Gill's probably the safer way to go versus others out there, but I could see a guy like the Isles' Eric Cairns (cheaper) making some sense, too... without trading a player asset (but a pick) to acquire.

LAPOINTE is a non-starter. Too pricey, too over-the-hill. If the Avs do go for another Forward, I think they'll wait until the 3/9/04 Trade deadline to see what new injuries befall them, then take advantage of the burgeoning Buyers' market to fill any new holes... cost-effectively. Right now, with Forsberg and Kariya soon returning, the Avs will be "fat" on the 3-4 line depth, making a Lapointe a bit redundant.

Given Peter Forsberg's still-iffy health (and his injury history), I wouldn't be surprised to see them seek another play-making Center. ROLSTON might be okay here, but Philly's Mike Comrie would be even better.

Trading DAN HINOTE is problematic... and frought with Chemistry issues. It's possible that rookies Cody McCormick or Jordan Krestanovich could eventually take Hinote's "spark/pest" role, but Hinote's a better P-Killer right now, and I don't think the Avs want to regress after finally fixing this problem area.

All in all, you guys are probably on to something here.

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