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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
I don't think DD is being sheltered at all anymore this year. Sure, he takes more face-offs in the O-zone than the D-zone, but that's normal since Plekanec and Eller are better defensively. This is not sheltering, this is just good assets management. Every coach does the same kind of management, including on Stanley Cup contenders. I don't have the stats with me, but I'm pretty sure that in Boston, Bergeron takes more D-zone face-offs and Krejci might take more O-zone face-offs. But nobody (unless he has his own haters) would even start thinking that Krejci is being "sheltered".

Only in Montreal...

So far, I've seen nobody here being able to give credit to DD for the 4th goal against Boston. Sadly, it seems like many of you would rather see the Bruins winning than seeing DD making a great play on a goal that would lead to the victory against the Bruins. It seems to bother a lot of people around here that he made that play.

Many "fans" of this team care more about DD failing than the team winning. And seeing how some people are willing to trade him for a draft pick, it's obvious that you don't really care about the success of the team. The only thing these people focus on his : "DD must fail! Or be thrown out of town!" This is shameful.
Why do you not look up the stats then?

It takes five minutes, has most of the stats used here, is good too.

There is nothing wtonh with sheltering Malkin, Krecji, or Sedin as they reward their teams with very high offensive production. Sheltering them is a high yield investment.

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