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Originally Posted by Plante View Post
Its hard to debate with people like you if we have to point out the obvious.

How well versed in the semantics of goaltending are you?

You've already admitted you don't like him, at this point it seems like a petty vendetta unless you start bringing a strong, articulate discussion to the board.
All I'm asking is when was he elite ? Certainly not last year. The year beforme maybe.... He did lost 2 games by himself against Boston in the playoffs. ( including game 7 where his teammates gave him the lead like 3 times ).

3 year ago... Halak has to take the net at the end of the season if we wanted to make the playoffs.

4 years ago... He was a back-up to Cristobal for nearly 3/4 of the season.

Yes Price played a lot of game but it's because the dg's were careful not to put a good back up that could ultimely make him look bad. We had no choice but to put Price in net.

All I'm asking is when was Price elite ? It's not because you move well in goal and you seem to have great technical skills that you are effective with them. Thomas and Hasek don't look half as good in the net as Price. But they were way better goalies.

Maybe he will become elite because he seems to have all the tool. But right now he is an average goalie nothing more. That being said he is not in his prime.

He will be our goalie for the next 10 year so he better put it all together. As for myself, i'd try to use his high value to find us a real franchise player. It won't happen... and I really hope he proves me wrong.

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