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03-28-2013, 09:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Brass View Post
He can take me wherever he wants to

This is so full of win.

The NHL isn't like it used to be when Brodeur, Roy and Hasek were singlehandedly winning cups. Shooters have probably gotten better at a rate greater than goaltending and if you just look at the increase in goals scored, it's evident that even the best goalies are going to get scored on. That said, there is the J Quick, Mike Smith (although didn't win a cup), Thomas from '11 (although I don't think he was as ridiculous as people make out), etc. who end up coming up huge. In those cases, it's not like they didn't get scored on. I think the main question is - can he pull of a Halakian performance, which even as a very big Price fan, I am looking forward to seeing. But he can do it, I have faith in him. It's a game of inches and he could just get in the groove.

Sometimes looking at goaltending performances retrospectively, we tend to give too much credit to what the goalie did and not enough to luck. They're both important. Price will certainly need luck on his side. If we can shore up our D (just by being patient), he can and will take us to a Cup.

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