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03-28-2013, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by nevesis View Post
Its not the coaching as much as it is the players. Coaching is a cop out. The players are on the ice. The New York Rangers of last year were an overachieving, anomaly.

The truth is, the team doesn't have as much real hockey talent as others.

Lots of people love to look at the LAST NAME'S of the players and on paper say, "how can we not be good?" but its not always about what a name says on paper or the back of the jersey.

End of the day, a coach getting fired is the only thing you CAN do, because you can't fire players. But again, the players are the one out there on the ice, and are responsible for what happens. A 'system' only provides structure. Some here think Torts has organic computer devices implemented into each players brain and he and Sullivan are controlling them from a ****ing joystick from the bench.

Blame the players for their lack of hustle, lack of skill, lack of talent, lack of heart, etc etc etc.


This is the NEW YORK RANGERS. Do you guys understand how this team is treated? They have the best facilities, they stay in the BEST hotels, they have the best of EVERYTHING, are completely coddled. Not every NHL team can even come close to how spoiled the Rangers are. It completely shows in their play.

Youth is the only thing that can save them. Young, SUPER talented guys who are hungry, and not into the glitz and glamour of being a New York Ranger, just knowing how to put the ****ing puck in the back of the net, all while having the security of the best goaltender in the league to bail you out when need be.

I could go on forever about much more, but just wanted to share some of my thoughts on this game, this team, and this season in general.
It's a combination of poor play by the players and poor coaching. Our players are playing uninspired hockey, but it's not like Torts and Sullivan are putting them in the best position to succeed. Like you said, it's easier to fire the coach than the entire the coach it is.

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