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Originally Posted by durojean View Post
He allowed 4 goal in what 6 minutes... If you want to see real good look at Budaj for the rest of the game... That was real good.

I know that I tend to overanalyse the goals allowed by Carey and I know that I'm biased because I don't like him that much . But a lot of you do the sane thing in reverse.

You focus on the 4 good saves a goalie made during a period while that same goalie allowed 4 goal and you say he was amazing. Hell I expect at least that from my starting goalie in a game because no matter how you play. Bad bounce and good scoring chances will come your way. It's how well a goalie react to them that makes him a good goalie not how well he moves between the post.

Yesterday for example, in the third, Budaj had a lot of scoring chances but allowed only 1 goal... After the 3 first one that didn't go in it gave energy to the players instead of take it from the players. Price allowed 4 goals in a 10 minutes span... You can't be amazing when you allow 4 goals in 10 minutes sorry you will never make me believe that.
Budaj was great last night, but come on, Carey was making some stellar saves until the cluster**** that is called the Habs second period. How do you leave Marchand THAT open in the crease (seriously!?), have a PK with a broken stick cross crease to Bergeron, leave Hamilton AND Chara in the crease on what is essentially a shooting gallery and finished with a perfect shot, a 2 on 1 with Horton putting it perfectly up high even though Carey got over. NONE of those were stoppable. Meanwhile he made it look easy many times and then some very key saves.

Budaj made saves where all he had to do was be positionally sound (which is not easy for his size) and he did that. He was solid, not miraculous. He didn't stop Seguin's goal on which he had no chance (another great defensive lapse by us). The SO, that was just magic and full props to Boods, I'm still reeling from that (the amount of advice he gives Carey on shooters may be part of the reason).

You are blaming Price for 4 goals in 10 minutes (if that is correct) when you should be blaming the defense. Seriously for all those 4 goals, please tell me how they were even remotely stoppable and where the defense was.

Price made 26 saves in the 1st and 2nd (many of them big ones, just look at the highlights portion on the recap for the game).

Rask made 11 in that span, before unravelling completely.

Even in that 2nd period, he made 17 saves.

Anyone who was watching that game unbiasedly would be more concerned with how badly the D failed than what the goalie could have done to prevent it. It was such a huge win cuz we actually played very crappy for a long period of time before the comeback. I would rather not play like that and more like we did in Pitt, but the fatigue did get to us. MT must have done something magical between the 2nd and 3rd. I almost think he purposely has us play horribly in the 2nd to make us think he's Al Pacino for all the 3rd period comebacks.

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