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Originally Posted by durojean View Post
No matter how the shot came you can't say that 4 goal in 10 minute is good. The goal that had to go in went in.
I think this is the whole point - it very much matters how the goals went in if you are judging a goalie. Do you know how quickly you can score a goal? 10 minutes is plenty of time to score 10 goals if you let the other team just walk in and do whatever they want. This whole "the goal that had to go in went in" line of reasoning is just plain incorrect. You haven't answered how he was supposed to stop those goals. Maybe if you phrased it "Can Carey Price when faced with impossible situations take us far", then your argument gets mileage, but judging him on saves he just cannot make (nor any goalie) is silly. I'm not saying that Carey Price has been perfect and that I wouldn't want some goals back, but those 4 goals, sorry, unstoppable and I give him tons of credit for many of the 26 he did make.

Any goalie can block the easy shots. It's how you play the other shots that make you great good average or bad.
Do you remember any really quality saves he made to keep us in the game? Here are two:

Price, C. on Marchand, B. (12:09 in 1st) to keep it 1-0
Price, C. on Marchand, B. (13:54 in 2nd) to keep it 2-2

And he made a lot of saves by hugging the post, not going down too early and fighting through traffic. Watch the replays. They may seem easy, but it's as if people don't notice when other goalies let them in, but when Price does it's an "easy save". He's not always been sharp, but for the majority of the time, his focus has been superb, leading to tons of positional saves that would have gone right through other top goalies (and sometimes tips are a *****).

It's true that Boston dominated that 10 minute segment at the end of the second. It's true that the shots were perfect. But 4 goal in 10 minutes is still bad for the team and for the goaltender. You can't say he was good that's just not true.

You could say he was fighting and that it was not his fault. But you can't say he was good because he just wasn't in that 10 minutes span. He was playing like the rest of the team.
That part is correct. Again, see above re: singling out the goalie. No, he was playing better than the rest of the team. Again, which one of the 4 goals do you think was stoppable. Let's analyze that. Your blanket statement of 4 goals in 10 minutes = Price wasn't good (if not very good) is a lazy analysis.
If there's a 5-4 game, with the goalies duelling it out, with 30 shots a side, great saves by each goalie, is the goalie who let's in a PP 4 on 3 goal to make it 5-4 not good? No, it has everything to do with how the goals were scored, not how many, not which team ends up winning.

Again, Price has not been perfect, but last night he was amazing. Stopped all the ones he or any other goalie should have, including the "elite". Please watch the glove save on Marchand (when it was 2-2).
He's been less good in games we've won cleanly, which says a lot about your statement of team performance vs goalie performance.

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