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Originally Posted by vexXed View Post
I was told when learning to take slapshots that I should hit the puck with the middle of your blade, and I'm sure I read this on an online guide too. It's just what I've been doing and it's been working well for me, but now that I think about it, my shots are always high up much to the annoyance of my forwards. I think hitting it with the heel would result in a lower shot? I'll try this in practice sometime.

I suppose it all depends on the blade type too.

i dont think it matters. The theory is that if/when you take your shots from the mid/toe you tend to not hit the puck squarely. By focusing on the heel of the blade it forces you to square the blade of the stick up to the puck (horizontal axis). BUT, you can shoot whichever way your comfortable as long as you know whats going u know.

Theres alot of math here guys...just punch the numbers

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