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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
That's the impression I got from him last year, though I could never really find much evidence for it.

Just seemed fishy to me that a guy who supposedly couldn't skate made countless end-to-end rushes as a defenseman in the 1926 play-offs.

I think that's a nice find.
Yeah.. not to mention a guy who played defense was a terrible defensive player as a forward too... there are some articles I have found that outright criticize him for being lazy and slow. Meanwhile, others that say he only skated hard sometimes but yet magically was always in the right spot to score. That reminds me of a Brett Hull type guy.

Others hint around the rushes like you say but don't actually say outright he was fast just that they were a great rush or amazing rush whatever.. hard to say.

I found a couple stubs that were paywalled.. one that seemed to call Stewart and Seibert speedy, and another from later in Stewart's career that seemed to be saying that his old speed had deserted him but he still had his hands and guile basically.. too bad I can't get a look at them.

Toe Blake actually played against Stewart for years so I think his opinion should count for something, though.

EDIT: Here they are before I lose them forever haha

Originally Posted by 15,000 SEE RANGERS TROUNCE MAROONS, NYT, By JOSEPH C. NICHOLS.March 25, 1931
(this is the google stub)

For Nels Stewart end Babe Siebert, the speedy Maroon wings, menaced the local goal many times, and the possibility of a Maroon victory was not remote until...

Originally Posted by NYT, By JOHN KIERAN, November 10, 1932

(another stub, not sure if the old speed is referring to Stewart or not)
Nels Stewart, another former Maroon, Is skating for the Boston Bruins. ... proving that he still has his old courage even if he has lost his old speed.

Maybe if someone here has the NYT they can see.

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