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03-28-2013, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
On the contrary. I'll be accused of "wanting to tank", which is okay since I don't pay for every game to hope they lose, but this here is pure fact:

Penguins - we know
Red Wings - long-standing excellence once begun with top 5 picks (Yzerman, Primeau -> Shanahan)
LA Kings - Doughty, Schenn --> Richards, Hickey too, but they didn't even need him
Blackhawks - Toews, Kane
Ducks - Lupul and Smid were top 10 picks that landed them Pronger.
Hurricanes - Ladd was a depth player, but Eric Staal had 100 points
Lightning - Lecavalier was in his prime, and the team was insanely healthy, while we were not.

While not the be-all end-all, since the Islanders, Blue Jackets, Oilers, or even the Flyers are not listed here, recent history of Cup champs (and you can keep going back through the Niedermayer years of the Devils and Avalanche) seems to suggest that winning the Cup starts with being in the lottery. Of course, you have to not have inept management afterward. If that's the contention, then you better be like the Bruins and know how to use your farm system and get the draft right. In fact, given how the NBA operates, it actually works better in the NHL.
This is a great post. I believe that long term interest would involve a high draft pick. Obviously it doesn't always work out. It depends on the draft year and some luck (for a player to pan out).

Those that say that they always pull for the team to win are short sighted. In war, sometimes the best strategy is to retreat and regroup to ensure a better ability to fight in the future. I look at it like this; would I rather my team win enough to squaek into the playoffs and hurt their future success, or would I rather the team lose now to hopefully procure future success? I want to win, and I believe that the team will end up with more wins if they get a high draft pick. So, if you like winning, you should want the team to lose now to win more in the future.

To those who say that I don't want the team to win - I apparently want the team to win more than you do, because you only care about right now and could care less if the team stinks in the future. It's called delayed gratification - which doesn't exist in modern America.

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