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03-28-2013, 10:50 PM
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There are definitely differences between the two, including ones based on the surface roller hockey is played on.

I would say that roller hockey on sport court, you tend to see a bit more stop and go ice style play because you can match up wheel hardness with the surface and have a pretty reliable about of grip that mimics an edge. The form for stopping is a bit difference.

Roller hockey on asphalt surfaces tend to be the more typical north-south rushing game. The grip and the amount of wear on the wheels can vary so it is more difficult to stop reliably.

But the key is that these all provide a similar experience to ice hockey. A large amount of the skill sets will transfer easily to ice and trains the proper muscle groups. And for many people, it is a free or cheaper alternative.

Players that started on roller don't tend to notice the handicaps of roller, and jump on the ice with the mind set that they are gaining abilities. Ice first guys tend to take a few spills and get fed up. Especially talented ones that can get free ice time, they don't see any reason to try to adapt.

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