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Originally Posted by Recoil View Post
There's so much blatantly incorrect conjecture based on misunderstood rumors in here that I don't even know where to begin. But I'll try.

Bennett WILL be worked into the passing game. If you have seen any film on various offenses our new Head Coach has run, he LOVES to pass to his TE. Also, our new OC/Line coach was rather good at using TEs in New Orleans. Bennett wasn't brought here to block like the Mike Tice offense, he was brought here to block AND catch passes, and he will do both.

Read Option? No. Trestman NEVER said that we would be running the Read-Option with Cutler. He said that:

1) We would have a Read-Option package in the playbook --- how can any team not at this point, if anything than to be ready for it from a defensive standpoint. Having a package in the playbook doesn't mean running a read option offense. We had a Devin Hester package the last 2 seasons. How did that work out for us?

2) He said that he and all teams would have to "look" at running the read option. That is not the same thing as saying "yes, we are converting to a read-option offense.

My last gripe about your post is something that's really eating at me on a lot of Bears forums these days. Everyone is saying we need to "Draft a burner / deep threat receiver." Ya know what? No. No we don't. In fact, I think the term "burner receiver" is something that is totally over-hyped by fans. This is mainly thanks to the NFL combine and making 40 times seem like an all-important measurable for all positions when it isn't. It's a good guide --- nothing more. But back to the term "burner receiver" and the Bears needs, here's something interesting for you.

When watching some mid 2000s Bears clips, something stood out to me. Grossman hit Bernard Berrian deep a LOT of times. I remember Bears fans saying what a great "deep threat" Bernard Berrian was. He was always getting behind the defense --- he even got behind ours when he was a Viking (but boy did we trade him at the right time). Bernard Berrian was a really good and EFFECTIVE deep threat for the Bears. Wanna know his 40 time? 4.57 That's it.

Here are some current Bears 40 times:

Alshon Jeffrey: 4.48
Brandon Marshall: 4.52
Earl Bennett: 4.48

Having top-end speed is nice, but it doesn't make you a deep threat. You need to be an effective ROUTE RUNNER. You need to fool your opponent into think you are going to stop short, cut outside, cut inside, and then have a quick step to rush past him. You don't need an elite 40 time.

Our last "burner" receiver was Johnny Knox. His 40 time was 4.29. Knox was a pretty terrible route runner though. I can honestly say I can count on one hand the number of times that I remember Knox torching a guy deep. I won't even need to use my thumb. It just didn't happen much at all. He wasn't good at fooling defenders and gaining separation. Most of his deep passes were catching things in stride and coverage breakdowns.

We don't need a guy with elite speed as much as we need good route runners. Between Marshall, Jeffery and Bennett (Earl) we have a solid group of WRs that can get the job done. If we find a fast guy, great! But there are LOTS of very fast guys with great 40 times that never make it in the NFL. Takes more than speed to be effective. And I, for one, am tired of hearing fans clamor for a "burner/deep threat" WR because it's a way over-hyped and over-used phrase and is kind of meaningless.
Cmon man thats not what i was saying at all.

1) i said were gonna use a run read option to open up big plays(like a play action pass) i didn't say were were converting to a option offense.

2) i never said lets draft a burner..... i said it would be nice if we got a burner for a deep threat.... i still think it would be good but i understand what your saying about route running. Hester would get bumped so easily at the line so there's arguments either way, besides the fact that he couldn't catch the ball.

and like i said above when i see the TE being used by cutler i'll believe it. he doesn't even really use most of his WR's as it is mostlty because he didn't trust thier routes in our other offense so maybe this year will really flourish with the change.

it would nice to see a change in our offense TBH.

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