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03-29-2013, 01:32 AM
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I don't know if lack of drive is an issue. He's hitting more than ever and obviously blocks alot. The team lacks intensity and at times that falls on the leadership, but I think the coach has lost them. That's a different discussion anyway. Point is I don't think we have an issue with Callahan as a leader or with his effort. Aside from the occasional game he just doesn't show up to -and everyone has those, even Gretzky had those, and tonight was one of them- he's been trying very hard.

As far his lack of production and excessive diving I think it's frustration and just putting too much pressure on himself. I think, no joke intended, that he's gripping the stick a little too hard. He's trying way to hard to draw penalties and he's getting too cute in the offensive zone. People actually question how much he cares because he's a quiet guy and doesn't mouth off to the media but if you watch the way he plays how can you say he doesn't care. This is a guy that broke his ankle to protect a one goal lead. It's killing him that we're not performing. As the captain I think he puts that weight on his own head and will blame himself at times just like Lundqvist will at times. And the problem is, I think he's letting the frustration effect his game. He needs to chill out and keep it simple because that's the game that got him to where he is. His past success came from quick hands, a decisive shot, and gritty positioning, not holding the puck for an hour like he's doing now. He's trying to be Rick Nash. He needs to simplify it. And every good player in the league takes a bit of a dive to draw penalties, it's a fact of life in the NHL. But that's another thing he's just trying way to hard at right now.

He needs to just be himself out there, and think the Stanley Cup hype and subsequent disappointment got in his head and is making him do too much. That doesn't mean we give up on him, it's just something that as a second year captain he has to go through and learn from.

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