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03-29-2013, 01:59 AM
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Originally Posted by NYR Sting View Post
Give me a break. Callahan is the biggest problem with this team right now? That's completely ridiculous. The biggest problems with this team are obviously the dismal play of Richards and Gaborik, and the lack of secondary scoring from the bottom six.

To say he's been as bad as Richards, Gaborik, or Boyle boggles my mind.

His production is down because the team's production is down. He had a bad game tonight, but he still has far more "on" games than he has "off" games.

He played just as much last season, and everything was fine. Besides, he's on the ice as much as he is because of his play away from the puck more than anything. He's not a skill player, he has to get some offensive support to produce. How the hell do you think a guy like Chris Drury scored 30-35 goals in Buffalo? He was surrounded by skill players who created opportunites for him. He was smart enough and gave enough effort to capitalize on them. That's how Callahan works. You can't expect him to pull these nice dekes out every night. He's not Pavel Bure. It's a bonus whenever he gives you one of those. He's going to score dirty, hardworking goals that are usually created in part by plays from skill players. When those guys aren't making anything happen offensively, Callahan's production is bound to drop.

I also agree that he is putting or at least feeling extra pressure to produce because other people aren't, and I feel like he's focusing too much on offense, which is actually hurting his production, because so much of the offense he is able to create for himself is from his defense.

NO ONE on the team is scoring besides Nash, Stepan, and Hagelin. Callahan didn't seem to have a problem scoring when he played with Stepan. You expect him to score a lot when he plays with rookie J.T. Miller and one dimensional Gaborik? Or when he's playing with Richards who is playing quite poorly himself?

Let's not forget that this is coming from a poster that has been arguing for years that Callahan is an inferior player to Dubinsky, which is and has always been laughable.

No matter how many complaints you can lodge against this team, and there are many, there is one positive thing you can always count on: Lundqvist and Callahan are never going to be chief causes of concern. The reason you know this to be true is because throughout virtually their entire careers, they never have been. This is one agenda, under rating Callahan, that has never had any factual or logical support.

Callahan's play is so far down the list of issues plaguing this team now that it really doesn't even warrant discussion, IMO.

You don't know what you have in a player like Callahan.
I agree with pretty much everything you said except the part that he was playing well with Step. Step/Cally had very little chemistry outside of a handful of games. 5 of the 9 goals Cally has have been on the PP.

I actually like Cally with Miller, but that line needs a two way banger. Not a finesse sniper...

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