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Originally Posted by jniklast View Post
I disagree. I don't want video reviews during the game, but I see no reason why players can escape punishment even for the most severe offence when the referee misjudged the situtation. There is retroactive reviewing of actions and suspensions are handed out if the referee missed it completely, but for obscure reasons there isn't when he just didn't see it right.

I don't want every foul being reviewed or even any fouls fighting for the ball at all. But things like assault or severe unsportsmanlike conduct, which for me includes diving and obvious embellishment, have no place in the game and I'd welcome video review and handing out of suspensions for that after the games, even if the referee misjudged it. Once you hand out escalating suspensions for clear-cut dives, players will soon stay on their feet much longer.

As long as chances are pretty good you'll get away with diving and the prize is a penalty, a yellow card is not nearly enough of a punishment to stop anyone from trying it again and again.
I could respect that opinion. Though I do think a yellow card is enough. Penalties aren't given as easily as they were even 2 or 3 seasons ago. Even clear fouls arent given anymore because it was in the box, now penalties have to be rather egregious. Keep in mind that in tournaments (EUFA & FIFA) two cumulative yellow cards will lead to a 1 match ban. In the premiership 5 cumulative yellows is a 1 match ban. I believe most leagues and FAs have a comparable disciplining system.

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