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03-29-2013, 07:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Nac Mac Feegle View Post
The only issue I have would be the dives he took last night. If there's one thing that gets me steamed, it's dishonourable play, whether it's diving, coasting around or dirty hockey.

Callahan is better than reducing himself to the level of a diver. Leave those escapades to the Pens and Habs.
I'm inclined to agree, though I understand his motivations. I've played sports all my life, and I always tried my damnedest to "play the right way." That said, there were certain times where things were going so poorly and I was so frustrated that I just lost it, and did things out of character. It happens.

I hate the Yankees, but I always admired that Derek Jeter played the game the right way. Remember when he sold that hit by pitch even though it hit his bat? It was totally "dishonorable," but you can give him a pass because of his past history. I'll give Cally a pass as well. It's a season where nothing has gone right for the team, and I'm sure he's a wit's end.


It's just pain.
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